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Can I serve them myself?

State of Michigan law allows service of process to be perfected by anyone 18 years and older who are not apart of the case. However, there is a reason why DLS and other companies exists. Many courts prefer service of process to be done by professionals and trust your legal documents will be treated as such, and not personal as it is for you.

What happens if the defendant cannot be served personally?

Not to worry there is a process specifically for that situation. (alternate Service)*. This is the process whereby, the plaintiff can motion* the court alternative options to notify the defendant*. (see glossary for definitions)

How do I collect on my judgement in my favor?

This is the point in your case where you need a court officer or a county sheriff. Typically in Michigan, it is a court officer from the court your judgement was granted who can assist you in an order to seize property, placing liens or completing evictions. Again, you must motion* the court to be granted these action. Contact Bailiff SERVICE TO EXECUTE YOUR ORDER.

How many attempts will be made to serve my defendant?

Typically, (3) attempts will be made to serve the defendant at the given address on affidavit. Certain circumstance, such as, bad address, hostile defendant or scheduled time with defendant has been made beyond the three attempts.

Can the defendant be served at their job?

In short yes. However, this is a civil matter not criminal. Many companies can and do have every right to deny access to their employee during business hours. To save time and your money, It is always best to serve the defendant where they receive mail. Especially, if you have to motion for alternate service. It is imperative!

How will I know when you served the defendant?

DLS is here to make your life easier not harder. We have 24/7 online service which you can track the progress of your service and a link to the 36th district court to confirm it has been received by the court. you may also request an email confirmation when service is completed*. You will be notified if Alt. Service is required.

How do I get the paperwork to you?

DLS offers several methods of retrieving your documents, first visit our Detroit office located minutes from the district and Circuit courts, by email or fax. If your documents have more than a 20day time line such as, orders to seizes, eviction you may mail to P.O Box 15055 Detroit 48215.

How do I find where the defendant can be served?

If you don’t know where to serve the defendant you need a skip search* We can offer this service to you at a minimal cost.

How much time do you need to serve the paper?

This is an very important question to know the answer to if you want your document to be accepted by the court. General civil documents need at least 21/2 weeks. One and half weeks to effect service and serve or return at least one week before your court date. Landlord tenant cases have a much shorter time line. The courts will allow a more methods of perfecting service of process but it must be served and filed a least three days before your court date. If you have a money judgement in landlord tenant court it will only be heard if served personally to the leaser. Therefore, waste no time on getting your documents to us.

How much does it cost to get my paper served?

In short, $27.00 for standard service of process. If your needs extend beyond standard service for a nominal cost we can make sure you are getting the best service available in or out of the city.

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